I Got a Lash Lift Done…

Hello Beauties!

I did a thing…I got a lash lift done and I am in love:)

What is a lash lift?

Despite its rising popularity, there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding what exactly a lash lift is. In the simplest terms, a lash lift is a perm for your lashes that shapes them into the perfect eye-opening curl. It’s often paired with a lash tint to make lashes stand out even more.

To me, eyelashes are the ultimate symbol of glamour. I dream of a sleepy, sultry, Marilyn Monroe lash. Instead, I have  straight lashes that aren’t doing me any favours.

I decided to dive in and try a lash lift for myself to see what all the fuss was about. Read on for everything you should know before getting a lash lift. But first things first: Here’s my before photo so you can see what I was working with. Before

How does a lash lift work?

After washing and drying your lashes, the lash artist uses an adhesive similar to lash glue to attach silicone shields to your eyelids. Then your lashes are combed up and glued to the pad to hold their shape, and the perming solution—which softens the hair so the lashes can hold the shape—is applied. The solution stays on your lashes for anywhere from six to 12 minutes, depending on how well your lashes hold a curl.


Then a setting lotion is put on your lashes. “This hardens your lashes back up so the shape is locked in,” says Brittni Alexandra. That’s when the add-ons start. For me, that included a black tint to darken my lashes, to give me that “mascara” look.

Lash Tint

Lash Lift Process

It’s not going to hurt (at least, it shouldn’t).

Lash lifts in their early iterations had a reputation for damaging both eyes and lashes, but if you go to a certified lash artist, you shouldn’t have any issues. (Do your due diligence, though, and read Yelp reviews, study lash artists’ Instagrams, and be wary of any treatments whose costs are too good to be true.)


It’s perfect if you prefer a no-makeup makeup vibe.

If you are looking for capital-D drama or have super-short lashes, you’ll probably want to consider extensions. If you like your natural lashes and just want a more wide-eyed look, or have a more natural vibe and want to skip mascara, a lash lift is a great choice for you.

Done right, it can be good for your lashes.

“Lash curlers and the act of scrubbing off mascara every night are damaging to natural lashes,” says Brittni Alexandra. With a lift, you can avoid all that and let your lashes grow long and strong.

It’s more low-maintenance than you think.

The only time you have to be as careful with a lift as extensions is in the 24 hours following your appointment. In order for the lashes to totally set, avoid wearing eye makeup, getting them wet, or taking a super-steamy shower.

While a lash lift is subtle, it makes a big difference.

I’ve found my lift is a great way to trick people into thinking I’m blessed with Bambi lashes. I have never, ever been complimented on my eyelashes, but since getting a lift, I’ve had friends and colleagues commenting left and right.


By the way, if you are in Toronto check out B.Beautiful studio. Trust me, Brittni is amazing!






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