Hi Everyone! I’m Olya, a blogger living in the beautiful city Toronto, Canada with my husband.

I created ShinyLittlePearls as a place to document the things I loved, where I would share my personal style through daily outfits, beauty tips, home style and much more!

Why did I start a fashion blog?

I’ve always had love for fashion and makeup, ask anyone who knew me growing up. I was always the outlandish dresser (sometimes good, sometimes bad). I danced, I sung, played guitar in high school and college and always ended up designing costumes or being involved in the fashion:)

My older sister was the one who always kept telling me to create my little clothing shop, but I have decided to create my own blog instead 🙂

How Many Siblings do you Have?

Just one, I have a sister and her name is Helen. Unfortunately she lives in Europe and yes I do miss her 😦

What is your fitness routine?

 As far as working out goes, I run (when I have time), 3 times a week Barry’s, I love biking during summer and playing squash during the winter time.

Thanks you so much for stopping by!


Olya 🙂

P.S: if you have any questions or you want to share something with me, please email to shinylittlepearls@gmail.com


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your passion to be yourself and the artistry in how you do that is really inspiring Olya! We are kindred hearts in being creative, different and being self-differentiated. I loved reading what you do with fashion, not for the look but for how you present it, it is your own creative uniquely you presentation. Thanks for sharing:-)


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