6 Things To Do at Home During The Coronavirus Quarantine

Hello My Beautiful Friends,

It’s been a crazy start of the year and I miss you all!

For most of us, we are still in quarantine . It’s still weird for me that I have to work from home, not being able to visit my friends and the only way to go out is a grocery shopping…

Weird, right?

So what is there to do- when you’re sitting at home, peering through your window, thinking about life that once was? Binge watching Netflix and scrolling through social media is not great for your mental health… so as we adjust to this new reality, here are a few ideas of what you can do to keep busy and keep to a routine while you’re under quarantine.

1. Try Stretch Out Those Muscles

During this time, it’s normal to be feeling more stressed than usual. Staying at home and being confined to your space can be difficult. Starting your day off with the morning work-out session has multiple benefits such as decreasing stress, relieving anxiety, promoting better sleep quality, and increasing strength.


2. WFH? Have A Separate & Tidy Work Space Is Key

Keeping a clean and tidy workspace is very important when it comes to productivity. Clutter oftentimes causes stress (even if you don’t initially realize it)- and who needs more stress right now? Taking a few minutes to put papers away and throw away trash from the day before has numerous benefits such as:

  • Inspired confidence
  • Improved efficiency
  • Better use of time
  • More focus

WFH? Have A Separate & Tidy Work Space Is Key

3. Organize Your Wardrobe While You Are In Quarantine

One of the hardest jobs on the house is organizing your closet. You feel like you need everything in your closet when in the real sense you only need a handful of what is in there. Well, now that you are in the house all day and night, you have all the time to clean and organize your closet.

  • Sort your clothes by colour and material.
  • Use open shelves
  • Arrange shoes
  • Use special hangers

Smart Tips to Organize Your Wardrobes While You Are In Quarantine


4. Quarantine Home Cleaning

Cleaning may not be quite that easy IRL, but it does bring in that element of fun.

  • Sweep the patio, walkways, clean exterior windows, light fixtures and patio furniture.
  • Wash interior windows (this is a good one to get the kids to help with).
  • Clean out closets, cupboards and the pantry.
  • Change filters, check furnace, carbon monoxide and smoke detector systems.
  • Deep-clean appliances and under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Quarantine Home Cleaning

5. Fortify Your Immune System With Green Juice

Whipping up a produce-packed smoothie or a green juice may be too much work on a normal morning but what is normal anymore? These days it’s more important than ever to support your immune system and your waistline with plenty of fresh or frozen fruits and veggies.

Fortify Your Immune System With Green Juice

You’re Helping The Community By Staying Home

By staying home, you’re helping to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Isolation and quarantine are big factors in terms of starving out the disease.  While this may be difficult and stressful, preventing the spread is necessary and is the only way we can hopefully go back to our way of normal.

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