B.Beautiful – a new trendy beauty studio with west coast vibe.

Hello My Beauties!

I’ve recently discovered a new beauty and lifestyle studio – B.Beautiful which is just opened on Eglinton West. The store is absolutely stunning – with modern décor, beautiful marble counters and some very Instagrammable photo moments.


Beyond the incredible space, owner and brow expert Brittni Alexandra has 13 certifications that extend across Micro Blading, Waxing & Threding, Skincare and Brow correction to name a few. Is it not a good start? Again, when it comes to your face I am talking not only about facial, it’s good to know that your esthetician is well-educated and know what he/she is doing. But what really caught my attention and why I have decided to visit this place is because Brittni had her training completed by LA brow experts including Nicoleta Palmer of Anastasia Beverly Hills (celeb favourite) and she has brought her expertise and LA style back to Toronto to offer professional services and products not seen yet in the city. Some of he most talented beauty artists and studios remain in LA and it’s exciting for Toronto to have a new spot that brings a bit of that west coast vibe here. img_3195.jpg img_3220

Since she is an eyebrow expert, my first service had to be with eyebrows. I’ve decided to go with brow wax and shape. Keep in mind, the fuller the eyebrows, it’s easier to shape and design them. Obviously, if your eyebrows are pencil thin, there is very little, if anything, that can be done to change the shape, and this is when I would consider microblading or something like this.


My brows are pretty good, but I still needed some extra help with my shape. I didn’t want to do by myself, but I wanted to make sure I don’t walk out of the beauty store looking like a scary person (you know what I am talking, right?) and this why I was so happy that finally I found the person that I can trust with my brows.

Brittni was kind enough to walk me through the process first and only then she started with brow shaping followed by brow waxing.

So how the waxing of the eyebrows works?

Waxing involves spreading a thin layer of hot or cold wax over the area of unwanted hair and then placing a cloth strip on top. When the strip is pulled off in a rapid motion, it removes both the wax and the hair.
Does it hurt? No, not at all. You wouldn’t even feel it, but since my skin is very sensitive I got a little bit of rash, but it was gone in couple of days. facetune_26-03-2019-21-53-49

I was pretty impressed with the result and now I will definitely be her loyal brow client 😊

Now I would like to talk about eyelash lift. I would say the most requested post since I’ve posted on IG followed by over 200DM’s. There were a lot of you who asked me what is the difference between eyelash lift and eyelash extension? Some other girls didn’t even know what eyelash lift is (which is fair, still not everybody knows about this service). Instead of answering to each of your DM (though I’ve tried) I’ve decided to answer here.

Both services work to achieve the same look: longer and fuller lashes! There is one main difference between the two services:

  • lash lift uses a product to make your own lashes look fuller and longer
  • with eyelash extensions, you are actually adding a lash-like hair addition to your eyelash.


  1. First, Brittni removed mascara from my eyelashes since the eye area and lashes should be free of makeup and oil.
  2. Then she applied silicone mold onto the eyelid using a non-toxic glue
  3. With the silicone mold on eyelid she curled the lashes using the glue over the mold.
  4. Once she applied each lash onto the mold, Brittni separated them individually, this way you get a nice curl on the lashes, and then applied the perm solution. (it sat on eyelashes for 10 -15 minutes)
  5. Once the solution was removed, she paired with lash tint and I was done 😊

The whole process took 40-45 min.

Now let me explain pros and cons of lash lift


The biggest pro of lash lift is that they look absolutely natural as compared to the extensions.


One of the biggest cons of the lash lifts is that many people can’t get theirs lifted for being too short. For instance, if they are too short, you can’t get them curled up to give the effect that you might be looking for.


Am I happy with the result? Definitely.

Will I do it again? 100%

I hope I was able to answer all your questions. If you are in Toronto or GTA area, make sure to stop by 😊





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