Intimate Spray Tan Party with Vita Liberata

Hello My Beauties!

There’s nothing better then keeping a summer glow during the cold months and if you watched my InstaStories last Sunday, you saw that we had a cute intimate spray-tan party with Vita Liberata and  my girls: stripesnvibesneverwearboringclotheseffortlessly and faiza.inam .


For the most of us, it was our first time getting spray tan and we all loved it.

But before I jump in into the details, I want to let you know  that at first I was hesitant to commit to it, because I heard all this scary stories about how your skin can get orangy and it can leave your skin looking like you’re part snake,the products stink and stain your clothes, etc.

All of these reasons can stop anyone from getting a spray tan, but I promise you Vita Liberata will change your mind. This is the first completely non-toxic tanning brand. They use natural, certified-organic ingredients that condition and nourish the skin and ensure that the tan fades perfectly, like a natural suntan.

FYI: it’s perfect for pregnant ladies too (just because you are expecting it doesn’t mean you can’t have a glowy skin).

And now let me tell you about my experience…Make sure to grab a coffee or tea before you start reading this 🙂


First of all, we definitely all had so much fun and I can promise you that non of us turned orange, our skin isn’t reptile-looking, and the spray did not smell or stain our clothes (except Masha’s white bathing suit, but lessoned learned. Make sure to wear all black for tanning spray).In fact, after our tan, it felt amazing! You know that feeling you get when you return from an exotic destination, and you can’t wait to show off your new suntan? That’s how we all felt when we were  leaving Mint Room studio after spray tan party.


To ensure a longer, more even tan make sure to exfoliate the day before, and don’t use any body lotion.  If you need to wax hair, do so at least 24 hours before the tan, never afterwards.

How Does it Work?

Vita Liberata was kind enough to send a technician to where we were (but you always can google and find the salon with spray tanning services in your city). She was kind enough to walk us through the whole process and explained  how it works and what to expect.

There were three shades: light, medium and dark for us to choose, but since our skin was still tanned from summer, we used the darkest colour available.

Once in the tanning booth, you get given a hair net. After we’ve changed, the technician applied a moisturiser to our wrists, elbows and feet. After a quick chat through the tanning positions (arm above the heard, leg in turn out, etc) we began. It was not an unpleasant feeling, only a little strange – you feel a blast of cool air and the tan being applied to the skin.

Tanning time: Approx 10 minutes

You can see the result below with before and after

  1. Masha from neverwearboringclothes

2. Faiza from faiza.inam

3. Tanya from stripesnvibes

4. And of course myself 🙂


The tan dries almost instantly, so you can dress straight after the spraying session. Remember to wear loose, black garments, as the product can transfer on your clothes if it’s not completely dry. We were explained that we shouldn’t shower for another eight hours, in order to let the tan develop, and that we shouldn’t rub our skin too much.





The result is so impressive. No odour and no orange skin, our skin looked naturally tanned in a gorgeous dark caramel tone.

Can everyone do it?

Absolutely! Vita Liberata is completely organic – its ingredients include natural extracts such as beeswax and ginseng to name a few and it comes in three different shades.


By the way, Vita Liberata offers a lot of product that you can use at home. For tanning in home tips please go to their website. Also, Vita Liberata products are available in Sephora stores and online on the Vita Liberata website.

Happy tanning!

Thank you,


I would like to say thank you to Mint Room studio to be such a great host and LangtonPR together with Vita Liberata  for sponsoring this post.



    • September 24, 2018 / 12:25 pm

      To bad you don’t live in Toronto or I would love you to be with us too. I will try to plan a trip to Chicago,so hopefully we can meet for brunch/lunch and finally meet each other❤️

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