How I get Sleek, Straight Hair – using Klorane Products

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I wear my hair straight usually 1-2 a week and every time I share photos of my hair straight I get so many questions regarding how I get it so straight. My hair is naturally very straight – I’ve never been able to scrunch it or have a natural wave really. However, as I’ve gotten older, I do have a weird wave at the root in some places on my head which is annoying because I have to dry it well in order to get rid of the wave. Err!

Anyway, although my hair is natural straight, I do have a very specific routine to make sure it is super straight, and sleek. I thought I’d share my favourite products and why I use them! 
Okay, let’s get started…
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#1 & #2 HAIR CARE
I can’t stress enough, you have to use a good shampoo and conditioner. I have blonde hair and in order for me to keep it healthy and shiny, I usually intend to switch my hair products every 2 month .
This month I’ve been using my favourite Klorane chamomile shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair.
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Klorane Camomile Shampoofor Blonde Hair  for Blonde Hair can be used to protect blond hair or blond highlighted hair from dulling. It contains the active ingredient Camomile extract which gives the hair its natural golden texture, and gradually intensifies the blond and golden shades of your hair. You can use this Camomile Shampoo to put the golden shine and radiance back into your blond or chestnut coloured hair.
Where Klorane’s Chamomile Conditioner repairs and brightens blonde hair, and makes it tangle-free. This product will revive damaged hair and return its silk and shine! 
So as soon as I get out of the shower and let me hair towel dry, I spray It’s A 10 on the ends of my hair. This product is a heat protectant & it also helps your hair dry a little faster. Additionally, it helps to keep your ends from breaking off and splitting. Step #2 – I use this Anti-Frizz Nourishing Oil throughout my hair except at the roots. A girl at Sephora told me this helped her grow her hair out so I wanted to try it and I loved it so much I went through my first bottle too fast. This product really helps to hydrate your hair and bring it to life, it also helps to get that sleek, neat look that you want when you wear your hair straight. 
So, I am actually not super picky about hair driers at all, but I like one that  gets REALLY hot and is powerful so that I can blow dry my hair faster. 
This is my favourite step of ALL when it comes to straightening my hair! This product smells like men’s cologne and is a-mazeeee-ing! It is a serum so you only need a dime size. After I blow dry my hair, I work this serum through the ends of my hair. I have sworn by this product for 12+ years, no joke. It protects your hair from the heat from the straightener and kind of seals your hair as your straighten it. It also keeps it very uniform and neat!
During the week I love to use this spray. Enriched with honey  and hairstyling agents, it keeps my hair soft, and full of radiance during the whole week.
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I’ve been seriously enjoying this spray and I have to admit it works.
Last, but certainly not least is the shine spray. This is the KEY to having super sleek straight hair and oh em gee, you will love this stuff.I spray it on my hair and then rub it through my hair and it makes my hair look super healthy and shiny. I highly recommend this product no matter what hair style you are going for – it will make your hair look so vibrant and shiny!
Below is a photo of my hair straight !
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