“The Game Changer” lipstick – Ton Cosmetics


“If I had to teach someone just one thing about lip colour, it would be this: Find a lipstick that looks good on your face when you wearing absolutely no makeup” – makeup artist Bobbi Brown.


Every woman has a drawer full of lipsticks I call the “what I was thinking” lipsticks. Can’t you relate yourself to it? LOL…Lipsticks that weren’t what you hoped they’d be, or lipsticks you became bored with. The Game Changer is Ton Cosmetic lipsticks. Of course, you can ask me what is so different about this lipstick that you are raving about?


First, before you even consider to order another lipstick , you would have to take Ton Test Questionnaire on their website that will give you the result of your perfect nude and bold shade, thus it won’t be your another “mistake” purchase.

Secondly, their formula is so moisturizing for a lipstick. It’s created with hydrating ingredients, including everyone’s favourite: shea butter. These lipstick have a hydrating formula because they want to make sure that the lipsticks wear comfortably and don’t become dry in any way.

And third, the packaging of the lippies are gorgeous! The box has a hexagonal closure, and the lipstick tubes are white with the top having a pretty rhinestone jewel! These will certainly look gorgeous on your vanity!

When it comes to me, after I took a quiz, my result ended up being Fair Cool 2, Fair Cool 3 and Fair Cool 1


Fair Cool 1, it is designed for people with a fair and cool toned complexion. At first glance, I instantly thought this shade was going to be too warm for me, but once I applied, it truly is a perfect light nude shade for my skin tone..



Fair Cool 2 and Fair Cool 3 – both are bold red shades, but only one of them has a bit of pink tint to it. There are so many gorgeous looking bold shades in their range, but I also love the look of these red chosen for me. Definitely you will see me using it on repeat this fall. One of the recent pictures where I used red Ton Cosmetics lipstick is HERE.


Check out their website to see which shades are matched your skin tone today!










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