Happy Hump Day!!! For some people on other side of the world  Happy Thursday!!!

Anyway, thank you for checking in today 🙂

I will be honest, before I go into the details what I do and why, I will  have to tell you something about sport and myself.

Before (you can ask my husband) I was crazy lazy…me and sport – NO, NO, NO!!!

Yes, unfortunately it took me years to go back to gym. First of all, I thought sport is really hard and boring…I was always asking myself: “ How can you exercise every day  and still enjoying it?”  And secondly, I didn’t see any reason why I need to start working out. Of course, I did understand the benefit and impact of the sport ( from reading different articles and watching Instagram), but couldn’t really make it work for myself!!!

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But it was the matter of time…

It got to the point that I wasn’t happy with the way I look, I wasn’t happy with my health condition, I wasn’t happy with myself…

I’ve done my research and I came across  Alexa Jean Bronw ( instagram page and her motivational video work outs…And it’s just hit me… I saw all this transformation pictures… And I said to myself: “ I can do it too!!!”

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Now a lot of people will tell me: “ but we are busy, we have full-time job, family , children…” Yes, yes, yes…Totally understand…

I went through a lot of excuses too: “ I can’t wake up, it’s too early…I’ve just ate and can’t even move…It’s 9pm, I have to get ready for bed since I have to wake up early ” and it’s like non-stop…

But  let’s be honest, can we find 15 to 30 minutes for ourselves?

This program was created for such busy people like you or me!!!No need to go to gym, everything that you need to have is electronic device (iPhone, Android, Tablet) and if you have to travel a lot with limited access to internet, you always can print out this program!!! It’s a good start, trust me!!!

There are different exercise programs : “ Sore to the Core 30 Days Ab Challenge”, “Butt and Leg 30 Days Challenge” and “30 Day Upper Body Challenge” and it’s only $ 10 each!!!

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If you don’t feel like spending this much money, you always can find some similar work out programs on YouTube channel ( one of my favourite Jillian Michaels “30 Days Shred).

But seriously, $ 10 is nothing…We spend more money on Starbucks and plus you will work triple harder and less chances for you to give up. The fact that you have paid for it, will motivate you even more and make you want to complete this program ( at least that’s what happened to me and now I am on round # 2).

In addition to it I do weights, I run 3-4 times a week, bike….Of course, it didn’t happened overnight, it took me months to go back to fitness routine.

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Now even during Saturday and Sunday, I want to stay active and once winter comes, I will hit the gym ( I have a membership with LA Fitness).

But please keep in mind, if you want to lose weight and stay fit, you have to eat clean!!! No hamburgers, no hot dogs, no cakes….But again, it doesn’t mean that you can’t eat them at all, no you still can, but not every day!!!

Remember 80 % diet and 20 % exercise.



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