Hello Bunnies. Happy Sunday!!!
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As I promised you ( refer to October 1st  Instagram post), I am dedicating this month to create new Halloween looks and give you some tips/tricks and ideas on what to wear on this day:)
I will be honest with you, I am not into scary looks…So I am so sorry if I have to disappoint some of you, especially  I am such a new to this blogging life, but again it has to be fun, right?  And plus  I am such a girl “from head to toes”…And all this “scary looks” are freaking me out and I am more “Disney-Princess” than “Vampire” or “Zombie”…But again, I might change my mind in the future, but as of right now I am who I am and I want to share  looks with you that  make me happyJ and keep me positive!!!
So let’s begin this month of October!!!
 Oh Halloween!!! It’s that time of year again!!! The time that gives us a chance to become anything we want – with a little help from hair and makeup:)
The look that I’ve decided to re-create is “Lion” or maybe “Cheetah”, basically it’s up to you
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I am so in love with my costume. Mee-wow! My Pretty Kitty Costume is absolutely perfect for Halloween, at least that’s how I think! Featuring soft leopard print velour with faux fur accents, this flattering costume zips in the front so you can adjust the neckline to your liking. Leg warmers, an adjustable belt, a cat ears hood and tail complete your paw-sitively fabulous look!
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I spend a good hour or two on creating my inspired make up look using Sephora and Drug Store products. Here is a close look of my final result
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My costume you can find here: Adult Pretty Kitty Costume – Cat and it’s only cost $49.99 CAD
My make up look:
Thank you for stopping by…I hope you like it and see you soon with a new Halloween look # 2

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