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Eshakti Custom Fashion

Hello My Beautiful Friends!


Ever wish you could be your own fashion designer??? It happens to me a lot, especially after discovering Eshakti website (you can read my previous review HERE) .

I find super cute dress, but I wish it was shorter or longer, or I want it strapless or sleeveless.  With Eshakti you can click on the dress you love and customize just how you like. Their website will show you your final design and ships it right to your door!facetune_17-09-2019-12-44-35

This time around I was looking for a dress that I can wear as a transitional piece, still work-appropriate, but the same time I wanted to add feminine touch. This cotton knit sheath dress was a win-win in my books!facetune_17-09-2019-12-45-51

I kept the original hem length but customized the neckline so it became a wide v-neck and I changed my sleeves to the shorter length! I just love the way it moves when I walk and the pocket are a nice feature!facetune_17-09-2019-12-47-10


Let me know what do you think about this dress and have you ever purchased anything from Eshakti ?




7 thoughts on “Eshakti Custom Fashion

  1. Hi Olya , I so want to design my own dress and eshakti makes our dreams come true !! This little black dress is gorgeous on you . I have used eshakti as dress of the week numerous times, not only because they are customisable but are so so cute !!! I have one featured this week and there is also another surprise on my blog ! Take care , Terri xo.

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