Good skin starts from within. Eating right, exercising, getting a good night’s sleep, and drinking water are the best things you can do to see the most results. For me, it was adding small but subtle changes to my everyday that created the biggest difference. It was changing my diet, switching from juices to water, and putting a big focus on sticking to a skincare routine consistently. Consistency is key! I’m always open to trying new products to nourish my skin and help it look its best. Keep reading to find out what my routine is for achieving healthy skin from morning to night…


Summer in Toronto goes from the heat and humidity. Running the AC all day ( office or home) creates a more comfortable environment, but it’s also a dry air that can leave my skin dull. Throughout the day, I make a conscious effort to keep hydrated with lots of water and always have some fruits on hand that have high water content, too.

That’s why when ALUMIER MD reached out to me to try their new skin care products, I was very happy and excited to give it a try, because I am always on the market for a new product to help my skin to look glowing and fresh.

First thing first,I will apply the AlumierMd Matticlear Serum. The humidity from living in the city again has put some extra stress on my skin, so this is the perfect serum for reviving it back to it’s natural glow. I love serums, especially at night, and always apply one before my moisturizer. This one leaves your skin plump and dewy, and only gets better by morning.



Next, I will apply AlumierMd HydraLight Moisturizer. When layering this cream on top of the serum, it ensures that my skin will be cared for during the nights of (sometimes) short hours of sleep. I always know that my skin will thank me in the morning for this extra layer of hydration.


Finally, I will set everything with my favourite Cacay Naturals oil ( review read HERE )


The last thing I do in my routine is I cap off my night finishing up some work while sipping a hot cup of mint tea with almond milk- my favourite night time ritual!

Thank you for reading. Please let me know what is your favourite skin products 🙂




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