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Hope you’re having a great week—thanks for visiting my site today! Have you started thinking about Valentine’s Day yet?

I figured some of you might want some help in, thus I put together a list of five fail-proof gifts most girls would love to receive.

I know it’s not possible to speak for ALL girls—of course every person has a different opinion—but this list is based on my own experience (please don’t judge) . The most important thing to remember is that any gift should be tailored to what the receiver would like, not what you like, or what you THINK she should like. For example, don’t get your girlfriend hockey game tickets when you know she hates sports. Seems obvious but worth saying, I figure. Anyhow, check out the list below and let me know what you think!

1. Sentimental Items

I love, love, love receiving sentimental gifts. These are things that you might not spend a lot of money on but that you put a lot of time into so they feel special and personal. Think photo albums, scrap books, a framed photo, handmade artwork, etc. And as a hint – one of the great place to shop is “Papyrus”



2. Flowers

Clichés tend to exist for a reason—most girls do really enjoy receiving fresh flowers! I know it brightens up my whole week if I have fresh flowers around. While it may seem obvious, trust me that flowers will never disappoint. Bonus points if you know her favourite flowers and work them into the bouquet!

3. Her Favourite Indulgence

Valentine’s Day is an excuse to indulge, so pick your Valentine up her favourite indulgence—whether it’s chocolate, wine, popcorn—and she’ll be instantly pleased. It’s always cute to personalize the item to her preference, so if you know she’s not big on chocolate but she loves popcorn, ditch the typical chocolate box and pick up a container of popcorn instead! Creativity always wins.

4. A Pampering Treatment

Every girl likes to be pampered. Whether you’re on a budget or not there are plenty of ways to make your valentine feel spoiled. Buy her a pedicure/manicure at her favourite salon , splurge on a spa day at a luxurious hotel spa—the options are endless.

5. A Shared Experience

Finally, an experience is another one of my favourite gifts to give and receive. Here are some ideas: concert, a plane ticket, a getaway to a hotel nearby, a comedy show, a painting class, wine tasting. The point of this gift is to spend time together while doing something you’ll both enjoy. Check it out Groupon for some idea’s and good deals 🙂 🙂 🙂






  1. “Creativity always wins.” Words to live by! Thanks for reading from my blog. This is a terrific list for valentines. I appreciate your emphasizing that your valentine’s interests are what should matter most. And that you offer options at low or reasonable cost. After all, thought–the thoughtful kind of thought–is what matters. Thank you!

  2. Your ideas are fantastic and pictures look good, too. However, I’m always asking my husband not to get any of roses this time of the year. They are really bad quality. I personally love perfumes or similar things since I’m not in chocolates either. Anyway, great post!

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