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Thanks for visiting my site today—hope you’re having a good one! As Halloween is creeping closer, I wanted to share another costume idea with all of you today. For my costume I decided to go as a “Mermaid” and it turned out to be a cute and easy-to-make costume! Here’s how I created the look in just a few steps.

First step: check your closet, we are looking for a long Maxi dress (blue, green or pink will work just fine). If you don’t have maxi dress in your closet right now here are some options.

ASOS Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress or ‘Jeana’ Jersey Maxi Dress from Nordstrom

Step #2: Let’s decorate…And you don’t need to spend hours and hours to figure out how to decorate your outfit, just do something simple and creative

Just buy some sea shells for decoration and the great place to go is “Dollar Store”. Seriously, who wants to spend more then $3-$5 on decorations 🙂 🙂 🙂 or visit Michael’s Store…

Step #3: For my hair and makeup I decided to go for a beachy, luminous look.This was super easy to do and only took me about three minutes.

Next I did my normal makeup look with a bit heavier eye and randomly placing crystals to enhance the eyes!   I applied heaps of highlighter to make my skin luminous and wore spidery, long lashes (which I can never get away with during the day, but love for festive nights out).

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For my face I have used: Foundation: INSTANT AGE REWIND® ERASER TREATMENT MAKEUP IN PURE BEIGENARS Concealer, to set my face – Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

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And that’s it!

Would you wear this look? Let me know below!



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